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Новости кодирования аудио

В самом конце марта Thomas Orgis представил общественности обновлённую версию популярного MPEG-декодера mpg123. Последняя версия имеет номер 1.7.0. Вот какие изменения она претерпела в сравнении с предыдущей:

Lots of output format fun!
o now supporting 8, 16, 32 bit signed/unsigned integers, 32bit float (64bit float can be hacked in quickly)
o optimized decoders use fallback routines for non-optimized formats transparently
o flexible resampling is automatically chosen when output does not support standard rates (like a JACK server)
o That meant quite some restructuring in the decoder code...
Lots of core functionality now optional, enabling small-footprint builds of libmpg123.
o choosing among the MPEG layer codes
o NtoM resampling
o downsampling
o feeder API (mpg123_open_feed())
o ID3v2
o String API
o output formats
o error/warning message printouts
o ... a layer3-only shared libmpg123 can be just 107K on x86-64 or 94K on x86
* --preload (tune prefill before playback for buffered mode)
* win64 support (one report at least;-), modules working on Windows
* Windows/MSVC++: fixed handling of unicode file names, mpg123_topen() now actually working there
You are obliged to use mpg123_tclose() now!
* using "plugins" subdir relative to mpg123 binary (in addition to ../lib/mpg123)
* switch to libtool 2.2 and automake 1.10 for the build scripts
though no update to new libtool 2 API, yet
* some portability fixes
* prevent user from creating non-working I/O setups (replacing timeout reader, ICY with feeding)
* JACK output accepts port names for -a, stereo gets mixed down when only one port is chosen
* added sndio output, contributed by Christian Weisgerber
* Make --doublespeed paramter work, porting of which has been forgotten in the 1.x series!

А на подходе и версия 1.8.0.

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